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University of saskatchewan dissertation

university of saskatchewan dissertation

her research Advisory Committee, a student may submit a manuscript-style thesis in a style approved by the academic unit. Permission to write the thesis is given by the Advisory Committee when there is general agreement that sufficient work on the research project has been carried out. Appendices should be numbered consecutively using capital letters of the alphabet. It may be useful to have short transition sections appended either to the beginning or end of appropriate manuscripts that explain the progression from one manuscript to the next; however, this transition may also be accomplished in the introductory and concluding chapters. List of Tables The list of tables follows the Table of Contents. They should be single spaced with double spaces left between notes. Ordinary rules of referencing and footnoting apply. The Disclaimer statement is required when there are proprietary brand names etc. The nature, the relative size, and the placement of each one of these components will be determined by the problem under investigation and by the current practices in the discipline involved. Note: This list must contain every reference cited, mentioned or used in the text of the thesis.

This collections holds all University of Saskatchewan electronic theses and disser tations (ETDs) published since 2005. More than 700 print theses published. A thesis presents a student s research work as a whole, ra ther than discrete pieces, and the student should be able to justify and defend. Students should check on deadlines for defence, submission of theses, and. The thesis bindery used by the University of Saskatchewan is Universal Bindery.

This should be included as a separate appendix. . Tables should not be folded. It is the how to write a book proposal hay house student's responsibility to prepare and assemble all materials for the thesis in accordance with University and cgps regulations and to ensure that the thesis volume is complete and in good order. The title of the table should be as short as possible but should indicate the major focus of the table. Allowance must be made for this. The numbering of footnotes in the table is independent of that followed in the text. When a large number of special symbols are used, it is permissible to collect them in a table or in a special appendix. Discussion and Conclusions, the final chapter revisits the main contributions or findings of the research manuscript(s) within the broader context of the literature and discipline, linking the findings of each manuscript back to the literature identified in the introduction. Given this, it would be good practice for students to inform the journals to which they submit manuscripts that these manuscripts may eventually be included within a manuscript-style thesis. It is strongly recommended that oversized tables be reduced by photocopying in such a way that they remain clearly legible. . Submission of the Thesis to Committee It is the student's responsibility to deliver copies of the thesis to members of the Advisory Committee.