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Rawls and nozick essay

rawls and nozick essay

poor. There are some limitations that he however points out in the free exchange of holdings between parties. I would agree with Rawls theories that every person is equal and the prosperous should support the less advantaged. However this appears to be extremely shallow on Nozicks behalf. The same way someone cannot not acquire 100 supply rights of a specific good to a company or an institution, one should not also purchase the supply. Cite This Work, to export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. So that people have a freedom of choice. He therefore rejected governments involvement in the process of distribution of wealth (Corlett, 1991). For the government to encourage free exchange of goods in the market, it should play a very minimal part in business and individual affairs. According to Wolff (1991 the situation is however much different under the Nozicks entitlement theory. "Robert Nozick And His Entitlement Theory Philosophy Essay." All Answers Ltd.

rawls and nozick essay

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These principles actually focus more on the distributive outcomes of the allocation of resources but do not look at how the distributions actually come about. Since the theories of Justice in context are sound and moral and Rawls looks only to minimise the gap between the rich and the poor then the question remains as to why we still have social class differences. It also demonstrates how economic differences can be minimised within society. Acquiring total supply rights will morally wring because it will have hindered the possibility of other people getting a chance to do the same. He even argues that his theory was at risk of ignoring some of the most important values in society such as cultural values, solidarity and identity.