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College essay bharatanatyam

college essay bharatanatyam

when handled successfully deepens the consciousness of not only the working of the body keywords to use in a scholarship essay but also of the mind and emotions. This concentration when taken to its extreme leads us into the meditative state of Dhyana. In dance, the way a Hastha Mudra is held, is divided into 12 Prana Lakshanas or 12 different ways of holding a hand. Shringara thus is an instrument for uniting the dancer with Divinity. Skip to content, related Posts, is there anything wrong with this page? Bhakti rasa AND bhakti yoga: One of the important streams of Yoga is Bhakti Yoga and this is related to the Bhakti Rasa of Bharatanatyam. They are used for a variety of reasons such as to mime the meaning of the song, convey deeper feelings, bring out inherent qualities, invoke the myriad forms of the Divine as in Navagraha and Dashavathara Hasthas or in some cases they may be simple. Concentration AND meditation: The sixth step of Ashtanga Yoga is Dharana or concentration. Over the years, Gurus interpreted Karanas with expressions in the Bhagavata Mela Natakam style, thereby incorporating these Karanas into Javalis and Padams. The Chakshu Mudras, those gestures of the eyes, are much more subtle. Her sister Lillie believes this is because she has Down syndrome.

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Yet, every Asana or Kriya is in some way a partial Mudra if these acupressure Bindus are brought into play. This use of breath power with the body movements brings about revolutionary effects on the performance of the dancers. Yoga has a lot to offer to dancers through the field of relaxation. 108 Natya Karanas have been described in the Natya Shastra. The standing poses such as Padahastasana, Padangushtasana, Trikonasana, Natarajasana, Virasana and its variations, Garudasana, Padottanasana are especially useful to develop strength in the legs and thighs. Satya Press, Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry. 2416 Words 10 Pages, there are eight individual and unique classical dances in India. This will change our entire attitude towards this art and then our physical bodies will become transmuted and non-physical. Through this complicated series of body Mudras, the Tejas or firepower of the body (sexual energy) is transmuted into Ojas, or mental energy. The left hand, which is thrown across the body with the fingers pointing downwards, indicates the feet of the Lord as the refuge of devotees. Using the body as a medium of communication, the expression of dance is perhaps the most intricate and developed, yet easily understood art form.