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Nurse as a career essay

nurse as a career essay

This type of leadership is called autocratic. The pediatrician states that I need to be seen up at childrens hospital in Boston by a specialist in Infectious disease. Pursuing a career as a registered nurse will certainly be challenging, but it will be an extremely rewarding profession. Many colleges offer education in associate degree programs of show more content. Additionally, nurses typically work long hours that include either twelve or eight hour shifts. To 3:00.M.; 3:00.M. Nursing is definitely a very demanding job regardless of work setting, as it can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. A nurse who chooses to advocate at a public and government level is a political activist in the name of nursing and health care.

What do nurses do?
That is the question that first came into my mind when I was considering nursing as a career.
But of course, like any other people who considered working in this.
A career in nursing is one that has a long history, although it has evolved over time into one of the most demanding careers in the medical field.

Ask our professional writer! All of a sudden the nurses weren't by my side holding my hand, encouraging me and helping me breath through each contraction. Nursing as a career takes quite a bit of education and training. My mom received a phone call; this is a day we will never forget. I will act as a change agent by identifying problems and finding solutions that benefit both clients and nurses. I remember the sense of excitement when I realized that the time had come. Print, reference this, published: Mon, confucius once stated, Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life (Stevenson, 1987). Nurses are in a position to act as client advocates. The lights went on fidel castro narrative essay conclusion and the room was bright, the nurses approached the bottom of my bed, as if on queue, to remove the bottom portion of the bed, thereby getting the bed ready for me to deliver, where previously it was set up for. To do so, candidates must pass a written state board examination after graduating from an accredited nursing school (S. However at this point in my life nursing was just so appealing and exciting. The nurses, so intelligent, compassionate, and understanding, had not only provided their patients with necessary treatments, but offered them their utmost support and companionship.

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