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Stock market and investing essay causes

stock market and investing essay causes

information on the ways resources should be allocated. The community savings are rightly mobilised and channelized by the stock exchanges of the country for its investment into those sectors and companies which the community at large feels secure especially on the basis of its past performance, good return, capital appreciation etc. (ii) Market Making: The system market makers should be introduced in stock exchanges in India at par with the all leading stock exchanges of London and New York. But, Many economists believe that the use of Computer trading (programmed trading) by large investing corporations might be the one cause. The preference of investors for a particular industry or for a particular individual unit is reflected in the share price, which again determine the mode of investment.

stock market and investing essay causes

In this system, the market makers usually take the responsibility of making of market of specific shares,.e., for buying and selling a specific share at definite prices. Wise Investment to Reach Financial Security 993 words - 4 pages that most people make when they are investing their money. Stock Market and Bank Regulation Essay.question: Compare and contrast how the stock market and banks promote economic growth; and provide a critique of their functions in the development of the economy introduction The main aim of the paper is to compare and contrast how the. (v) Adoption of the Settlement System and Carry Forward System (Badla In India, various stock exchanges are adopting different settlement system which is responsible for high price fluctuations and high risk exposure. Since the stock market is a vote of confidence, a crash can devastate economic growth. It does not give much care to investors complaints. Once such negative balance, is reflected, then and there the member is stopped from making any further business. Although Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) dominates over all the stock exchanges as it conducts more than 70 per cent of the total transactions of all exchanges but due to lack of proper integration between the stock exchanges, the prices of shares and stocks vary considerably. They are usually riskier than treasuries.

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