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Record management system thesis introduction

record management system thesis introduction

of the home page which provides the way for all the students, staff and other user to access the srms. Form the analysis, it shows that most of the respondents agreed that they use technology to record student documents in the institution and this is proved by the frequency computed and seen as 27 with the valid percentage.2, the 7 respondents answered. These subsystems range from data collection, transaction processing and validating, processing, analyzing and storing the information in databases. Srms can be defined as a system providing management with accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively. Currently Livingstone International University is working under the guidance of the nche toward qualifying for a full university charter. 17 chapter three: methodology.0 Introduction This chapter presents the methodology that the study employed and they included Research design, Population of the study, Sample size, Sampling methods, Data collections method, the procedure of the study, Data analysis, Limitation of the study, and ethical issue. As seen in the table above, it shows that the institution collects payments of non-academic like disciplinary proceedings electronically as represented with the frequency of 16 with the percentage.7, followed with 12 respondents who disagreed with it with the format of collection with. So as to manage any information well, it is vital initially to determine its characteristics and functions.

6 Although different methods or systems can be used to bring about efficient records management, there are some basic rules that must be respected. Medical Records in the Hospital. Manipulating a database includes functions such as querying the database to retrieve specific data, updating the database to reflect in the mini-world, and generating reports from the data. The patient record in epidemiology. 46.6.6 Benefits of the proposed system.

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The questionnaires that were sent to the respondents all of them were returned as far as the attrition percentage is concerned this was 100 response rate. Help the student to know the numbers, details, and the faculty he/she belong. Table Semester Attributes Data type Constraint. The study found (p.15) that the greatest volume of institutional records deposited in university archives, in equal quantities to governance records, was student records. 39.1-3.0 Not Sure -Moderate impact.1-2.0 Disagree -Low impact.1-1.0 Strongly disagree -very low impact From analysis, it was observed that, 26 people or respondents agreed that the records are clearly defined with the valid percentage.3, followed with 6 people who were. Jones and Soltren (2005) found that 58 of the students surveyed were not concerned at all about risks to privacy on social network systems. Student record management system (1 upcoming SlideShare, loading. The proposed system, sims, should be able to stand the test of time because student records should be kept as long as is necessary to: Fulfill and discharge the contractual obligations established between the institution and the student, including the completion of any non-academic disciplinary. Historical perspective.1.2 Conceptual Perspective.1.3 Theoretical Perspective.1.4 Contextual perspective.2 Statement of the Problem.3 Purpose of the Study.4 General Objective.4.1 Objectives of the study.5 Research Questions.6 The Scope of the Study.7 Significance of the Study.8 Conceptual Framework.9 Definition of Operational Terms. Student records could be maintained in multiple media including handwriting, print, microfilm/fiche, computers main memory, magnetic tape, cassette, disk or diskette.